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Allison Baver shares her experiences and secrets to success through her blog. 

Women's Sports Foundation NYC Leadership Conference

Allison Baver

Can you find Allison or any of your favorite athletes among these incredibly powerful female leaders in sports?  Thank you to Epsilon Dresses for outfitting our CEO in this cute, sporty & trendy, feminine, pink, beaded, velvet two piece.   

"Thank you to Bille Jean King and The Women's Sports Foundation for your invitation to  Champions Week honoring the top 50 female athletes in sports.   I am thrilled to be a voice for equality in sports and empower the next generation.  The future is bright." - AB 

Allison Baver New York & Excellence in Entertainment

Allison Baver

Ambition is at the heart of Allison Baver New York.  We are proud to support the premier of The Lost Tree and pursing excellence in entertainment.  *We would like to thank Epsilon Dresses for outfitting our CEO in this Hollywood glam beaded halter two piece and Anthony Pazos, Allison's hair and make-up artist for the modern vintage look.  Look closely for our logo and enjoy the photo gallery!

"My personal passion in the entertainment industry stems on it's historic influence on society, the collective, as well as my love for being in front of the camera and pursuing excellence in cheer, dance and athletics.  As a CEO, fashion designer, and former athlete, I admire hard work, team effort, preforming and creativity of all forms.  We will continue to be involved and support endeavors that exemplify our core values."  - AB 

Catching Up...On the Cover!

Allison Baver

Thank you to Berks County Living for "catching up" with me and for the cover!  To see my pink skates in an article (as opposed to on my feet and ice) really makes me smile.  I love my skates more than hmm...most things and would wear them 24/7 if I could.  Photo Credit:  Matt Harris, Soul Studio 7.   

The Inspirational Women Series

Allison Baver

Fun news...Roberta Style Lee from the UK asked me to be a part of her Inspirational Women Series!   A fabulous podcast series interviewing influential female leaders'.  Roberta inspires unstoppable confidence and is all about looking good, feeling good and living great.  We obviously immediately connected and I am thrilled to share with you the interview!   We actually had so much to chat about and share that Roberta will be releasing our second podcast that we will be recording for you in early 2017.  To listen and find out more about the podcast...

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What a Woman Wants

Allison Baver

What a Woman Wants kindly asked me to appear as a special guest at two local expos in Utah and give a speech to the crowd!   I spoke on "How to Be Fearless" and brought my Olympic medal.  Although my collection was not ready, I thought it would be great to do some market research while I was there and chat it up with the ladies.   Here's a peek inside the event and a really fun video of me....

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