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(212)457-0807 is the official online company store of the luxury activewear & accessories fashion brand, Allison Baver New York, owned and designed by the American Olympic medalist and model, Allison Baver. 

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Allison Baver is a three time short track speed skating olympian. Allison Baver won the bronze medal in 2010.  Allison Baver became one of the first female athletes to sign a contract with Wilhelmina Models NYC Sports.

Our Designer

The Olympian

Allison Baver made one of the biggest come backs in sports after breaking her leg in 2009 and then winning an Olympic bronze medal in short track speed skating only one year later at the 2010 Olympic Games.  She is a three-time Olympian,  2007 National Champion and holds the existing American Record in the 1500m. 

Her fashionista flair and knack for performing for an audience started as a little girl when she was dancer and lead to the athletic world stage and a spokesperson in print and television media.  Allison loved the thrill of competition and confidence that overcame her in costume & make-up.  

The future Olympian could be found as a child wearing her roller skates in the house in bangle bracelets and a side pony tail or outside perfecting her cartwheel in skates.  She would often race her siblings in down hill running or challenge her own skills downhill on skates. 

Allison joined the inline speed skating team and soon became champ. She was invited to compete in the first inline speed skating world cup in history.  In high school Allison was the cheerleading captain and played soccer.  It was only then she tried ice speed skating and a few years later broke the American Record in the 1000m and qualified for the 2002 Olympics! 

Baver went onto become one of the most preeminent short track female speed skaters in history holding the American Record in numerous distances included the 1000m where she broke her own record four times.  Allison has been the 1500m American Record holder since 2008.  In 2009 she was poised to go for the gold and positioned to win the overall World Cup Title in the 1500m when Baver tragically broke her right leg after a teammate collided with her during the World Cup Final in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Allison broke her right leg and ankle one year before the 2010 Olympics and lead her team to the 2010 Winter Olympics where she and the 3000m ladies relay team brought home the bronze!

The Designer

Her fashion story begins long ago in the upstairs of a bridal salon, where Allison Baver received her first lessons in fashion from her beautiful mother Dixie, a well known bridal seamstress. 

Here she learned about the intricacies of stunning hand tailored garments using precise patterns, elegant fabrics and detailed sewing techniques out of which emerge stunning fashion perfection and awe.  Most importantly, it was here Allison fell in love with how wearing something special can make you and everyone around you feel empowered.  She learned how fashion could inspire confidence and make people smile.  Allison deeply desired to follow in her mother's footsteps. 

It was then Dixie - with the fabric selections of her young budding fashionista daughter - started designing Allison's athletic training apparel.   Time as a little girl in the bridal salon was sewn into performing as a dancer, cheerleader, gymnast, soccer player, roller and inline skater and eventually on the world stage as a three-time Olympic short track speed skater, national champion, record holder and Winter Olympic bronze medalist. 

With fashion in her blood, Allison was always inspired by her wonderful mother to find styles uniquely her own.  However, it was always difficult as a female athlete in sports to feel feminine while also being a fierce competitor.  The world of sports fashion had not evolved and it was nearly impossible to find items that offered both functionality and beauty.  Most designs were masculine and the backpack and duffle bag were disempowering, thus evolved Allison passion for designing luxury bags for the active person. This on the go lifestyle we live, is still evolving today.

Since those early days in the bridal salon,  Allison has proudly become founder of Allison Baver.  Elevating the modern active person’s wardrobe has become a full blown obsession for Allison.  Her deep passion for the active lifestyle of the fashionista and gentleman is reflected in the luxurious, innovative performance designs she creates.  

The Model

Blazing her own trail, Allison became one of the first female athletes to sign a contract with Wilhelmina Models NYC Sports!  Thrilled,  she vowed to promote woman in sports and equality world-wide.  High level sports, beauty and fashion can coexist.  She soon became one of the first Olympic female athletes as the face Cover Girl, Secret, Pantene, Olay,  Fusion and has been a spokesperson for brands including Murad, Hilton, Nike, Lululemon Athletica, AT&T and Budweiser to name a few.  She has been featured in over twenty-two magazines world wide and has collaborated as an actress and producer in entertainment media. 

The Public Figure

Allison continues to empower others to be fit, fierce and fabulous.  She has been the recipient of awards in athletics, business and philanthropy and remains an expert, motivator and advocate participating in appearances and public speaking events.  During her athletic career,  Allison earned an Masters Degree in Business Marketing & Management and is an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer.  Baver is the founder of Allison Baver Foundation and International supports our young generation in achieving their full potential through personal empowerment in the context of fashion, beauty and the right to adequate clothing in sports. Allison is a fit, down to earth, polished, energetic, fun, fiery, hardworking, REAL role-model with a handsome Japanese Pomeranian named, "Prince."

The Goal

Allison is committed to designing fashion products that offer performance features with a luxurious flair.  Her Power Tote collection of luxury gym bags was created for the active, modern woman living in the world today.  It is the perfect compliment to your fit, fierce and fabulous self.  Our designers goal is that you "Go in Style" and live an active and healthy lifestyle!  So... revel in the functionality and beauty of the Power Tote and active fashion of your choice.  You Go.  You Sweat.  And you look absolutely stunning doing it!  Don't even try to suppress that smile on your face.  You deserve to shine. 

"My fondest hope is for you to confidently be your best-self , one workout a time." - Allison Baver


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