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(212)457-0807 is the official online company store of the luxury activewear & accessories fashion brand, Allison Baver New York, owned and designed by the American Olympic medalist and model, Allison Baver. 

Allow Yourself to Take a Chance


Allison Baver shares her experiences and secrets to success through her blog. 

Allow Yourself to Take a Chance

Allison Baver

Consider this your mantra for 2017!  

Repeat this out loud..."I allow myself to take chances.  I confidently take chances.”

2016 for me has been about taking chances, both large and small.  When you take chances in every category all in the same year, I have to feels amazing.  This experience has empowered me and elevated my confidence.  It is a feeling that I want you to experience. Why is this so important?  Once you have the confidence to take a chance you will be empowered to take more.  So, grab a pen and paper and put that one big chance you will take in 2017 out into the universe!  It's also important to re-evaluate with confidence the chances you did or did not take in 2016.  Don’t be afraid, just be honest with yourself.  Accept your success and failures and give yourself credit for your fearlessness.  Allow yourself to take a chance in 2017 or re-take a chance in life you may be have missed before.   

What kind of chance, you ask?  That's up to you.  It could be to lose weight, say good-bye to a selfish person in your life, relocate, start a new job or business.  Do you dare to clean out your closet?  Revamp the office?  Let go of a previous relationship?  Buy that new sports car?  No need to wait to do X, Y, Z,  eat gluten-free, cook healthy, be assertive or express your creativity!  Are you ready to allow yourself to be open to receiving love in balance to how much you give?  Is it a belief system or new way of life you need to take a chance at?  Or simply, allowing that perfect someone into your life?  Fall deeply in love?  Spend time alone?  Whatever it is, the time is now.  Don’t be scared to open that door or close the one behind you and throw away the key.  Allow yourself to take those chances in 2017 without looking back. Scary right?  No, empowering.  

As an athlete, I had to give myself permission to be a winner.  I allowed NOTHING, not a person, not an emotion, not a previous loss and certainly not even myself to hold me back.  So, give yourself permission to be a winner and take a chance!  A chance to be extremely happy and the very best version of yourself.  Why?  Because you deserve it.  

I recently took a chance at embracing change and new vibes.  I used the vibrant, trendy, sexy color of royal blue and found beautiful decor pieces including Mongolian fur pillows for my living room.  Redecorating was actually a big move for me that is still evolving.  It was important to just take a chance at going outside of my comfortable zone.   So, I proudly faced my redecorating fears head on and became empowered!  Plus, the pillows and new karma feel REALLY good.  Prince, my handsome Japanese Pomeranian, is relaxing and enjoying the soft furry royal blue pillows right now (see comfy blog photo)!  The energy in my home is even more fabulous than ever.

The chance you take in 2017 does not have to be physically buying pillows, but then again it was never really about the pillows.  Lighting the fire within requires a commitment and taking a chance with yourself.  It requires fully trusting and embracing yourself, desires and needs.  Allow your white light to sparkle and with that, everything around you will magically shine too.  

My sport of short track speed skating was all about overcoming fears and taking chances.  Entering the corner at top speed and executing a pass in a race are extremely dangerous.  I had to be hyper in the moment and more grounded than I could ever practice as a yogi.  You learn to take these chances with confidence and those that take them, win.  There is also a chance that you may fall short.  In my sport, this could mean losing a race by a thousandth of a second. This is probably a smaller fraction than a piece of hair!  I won a handful of races by this margin and only lost one.  But, that one time I tried 100% and gave every ounce of energy.  The number of times I entered a corner in what some would consider a risky situation is countless.  It is not about those chances you take and fail, but about those where you keep moving your feet (or skates) as fast and strong as you possibly can.  The time WILL come when you do execute that perfect pass to the win the race and when you do, it’s game over! You WILL win time and time again.

Now, I am not saying to make poor decisions that could lead you in a misguided direction.  What I am saying is to get clear and confident and go for it!  Take a leap of faith and go down that new path.  One of my biggest strengths as a short track speed skater was acting on instinct versus strategy.  One of my 2010 Olympic Coaches complimented me after a win, "It's amazing to watch you race.  How do you know when to make a move in a race?  I was going to tell you to move up,  but you reacted right before the girl behind you made a move."  I loved doing that!  This means to use the instinct you feel from your core versus your mind or heart to guide you.  If I had allowed my mind to think or my heart to ponder, the race would have been over.  

So, how will you prepare to ALLOW YOURSELF TO TAKE A CHANCE in 2017?!  My loves, make no excuses.  Forget what happened in 2016 or gosh who knows how long ago.  2017 is your year to break free.  Allow yourself to stand up for your values, beliefs, and goals.  You deserve the best of what love, success, health, happiness, and life has to offer.  

Cheers to a fit, fierce & fabulous 2017!