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(212)457-0807 is the official online company store of the luxury activewear & accessories fashion brand, Allison Baver New York, owned and designed by the American Olympic medalist and model, Allison Baver. 

6 Rules Boss Babes (And Bros) Never Break


Allison Baver shares her experiences and secrets to success through her blog. 

6 Rules Boss Babes (And Bros) Never Break

Allison Baver

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1.  Never make EXCUSES. 

Boss babes and bros don't give themselves an out.  We know the couch will still be there.  Although somedays skipping that workout or pushing off that last bit of work is tempting, we suck it up and JUST DO IT.   Excuses are not an option. 

2.  Always have a STRATEGY.

Measurable goal.  Check!  How do you expect to a achieve that goal without having an outlined plan and strategy?  Piece of cake.  We got this. 

3.  LIVE without guilt. 

Speaking of cake, we eat that with no guilt.  Although spinach is good for your health (our boss bros eat this by the can), we know the boss life is about guilt attached.  So we occasionally and proudly go for it.  And then just kick-butt in the gym later. 

4.  Don't rely on others for MOTIVATION.

Boss babes and bros are fit and successful and driven by there strong unwavering sense of self motivation.  Inspired by everything and seek gratification from nothing.  At the end of the day, YOU are entirely up to you. 

5.  DRESS the part.

Boss life is the confident life.   There's no better way to feel like a warrior than with a killer accessorized outfit!  We look great at the gym and the office and hmmm basically everywhere because we know how to pair style and function to get the most out of our day.  

6.  RULES are made to be broken.

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." - Katherine Hepburn

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