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(212)457-0807 is the official online company store of the luxury activewear & accessories fashion brand, Allison Baver New York, owned and designed by the American Olympic medalist and model, Allison Baver. 



Allison Baver shares her experiences and secrets to success through her blog. 


Allison Baver

No, I'm not planning an Olympic comeback or attempting Red Bull Crashed Ice!   Not saying that hasn’t crossed my mind.  That would be fun, anything is possible.  But, what has been imminent here is freakin' fabulous.  

Speaking of was Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the City who originally inspired me to blog or have my own column.  Yep, I'm admitting that ridiculousness which is actually not as ridiculous as it sounds. OTFLMAO.  Seriously tho, it's been a goal of mine to pursue this freedom and to connection with fellow boss-babes and boss-dudes in the world with more depth for a long time.  The only thing that has been holding me back (or you) from creating a blog or anything really is thy SELF.  So, now that this commitment is know me and you know it's about to get heated!  Like hot sexy power yoga style - with the tantric music overlooking the beach.  Empowering. 

The fun part for me is that it feels as if I'm officially making a “comeback". Which takes me back not only to my Olympic comeback from injury to win bronze craziness but also to the first CD this girl ever owned.  Check out my jam: .  You should know that there has been a ton of hard work behind the scenes.  I've been thinking about each of you every step of the way and can't wait to get this blog rollin'.  My Olympic motivation has been in full effect.  Write it down.  Post it on the fridge. "Champions train when no one else is watching." YOU are a champion. 

This all leads to the core purpose of my virgin blog post.  Just recently I was introduced to a word that sparked me to create a blog worthy of my high standards…and yours!  That plus everyone was telling me to create a blog for as long as I can remember.  On top of my Sarah Jessica Parker inspiration, Sean Hyson ( ) at Muscle & Fitness Magazine REALLY pushed me.  Actually, he basically made me feel like a failure for not having one.  So…I’m excited and thankful to everyone who pushes me to do things that I don't always have the immediate vision or in some cases time or timing.  Basically, what I'm saying is....

It’s time to “Unleash the Power Within."  Ladies and gentlemen I’m going to see Tony Robbins LIVE in Palm Springs, FL as a guest of Mr. Robbins!  Pumped.  Hurry up and buy your tickets for the show and I will see you there. OR follow my new blog right here for the experience of a lifetime.

The word is…BOSS-BABE. BOSS-DUDES are naturally welcome.

Think about it.

Much more to come.