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(212)457-0807 is the official online company store of the luxury activewear & accessories fashion brand, Allison Baver New York, owned and designed by the American Olympic medalist and model, Allison Baver. 



Allison Baver shares her experiences and secrets to success through her blog. 

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The Rich 20 Something Podcast

Allison Baver

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This podcast gets me pumped!  Daniel has some REALLY good questions for me as it relates to being an Olympic athlete and the takeaways!  I don't get asked or have the opportunity to share the intricacies of Olympic success often.  Not many interviewers get into the true why and how and do it in the way Daniel was able to, which is educational, entertaining, and fun.  It was a bonus to appear in person at Daniel's state-of-the-art studio in LA.  He is easy to talk to and really made me laugh on this episode! So, I am excited to finally share this light-heartedly and personal, podcast with you. Hope you enjoy it.  xoxo - AB 

No Things Considered

Allison Baver

Way to throw it back! Watch to find out No Things Considered Host, Tim Young's, comparison in politics to my first fitness photo shoot.  It's classic...pure comedy!  Thanks Tim and The Washington Examiner for all you do.  It was a busy time of travel for me and Iā€™m so glad we made this work!  You can listen to Tim's show daily and find our interview a few min into this clip.  Next time I appear on Tim's show, I'm going to have to play reporter and get some dirt on him.  It's officially GAME ON!

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Women's Sports Foundation NYC Leadership Conference

Allison Baver

Can you find Allison or any of your favorite athletes among these incredibly powerful female leaders in sports?  Thank you to Epsilon Dresses for outfitting our CEO in this cute, sporty & trendy, feminine, pink, beaded, velvet two piece.   

"Thank you to Bille Jean King and The Women's Sports Foundation for your invitation to  Champions Week honoring the top 50 female athletes in sports.   I am thrilled to be a voice for equality in sports and empower the next generation.  The future is bright." - AB 

Catching Up...On the Cover!

Allison Baver

Thank you to Berks County Living for "catching up" with me and for the cover!  To see my pink skates in an article (as opposed to on my feet and ice) really makes me smile.  I love my skates more than hmm...most things and would wear them 24/7 if I could.  Photo Credit:  Matt Harris, Soul Studio 7.