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Allison Baver is a three time short track speed skating olympian. Allison Baver won the bronze medal in 2010.  Allison Baver became one of the first female athletes to sign a contract with Wilhelmina Models NYC Sports.


"I aspired to create a brand with the daily life of the fashionista and gentleman in mind.  It is my mission as CEO to fulfill our empower, pursue excellence and live an active lifestyle, everyday.  We want you to be your best and to develop inner qualities in tandem with expressions of external beauty in the designs we create.  Why?  Because we know you only get one chance to win and make a first impression!" -AB

Allison Baver is a designer, active fashion label inspired by the American Olympic medalist.  We proudly offer authentic products that provide functionality with a luxurious flair.  With wonderfully unique designs from luxury gym bag's to activewear, we draw inspiration from elite athletics & the luxury active fashion movement to include performance detailing & fashionable prints.  We confidently live our lives and commit our brand to empowerment, excellence and living an active & healthy lifestyle.  We are motivated to elevate the daily life & wardrobe of the modern woman who simply love to...

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