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Luxury Sport BAGS that embody the personal style and authenticity of Allison BaveR



For the fashionista and gentleman who choose to pursue a life that is about self-empowerment.  Our designer - Allison Baver - created a brand that will inspire you to develop inner qualities in tandem with expression of external beauty.  Why? Because you only get one chance to make a first impression!


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Spring 2016


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Our designer's story begins long ago in the upstairs of a bridal salon, where Allison Baver received her first lessons in fashion from her beautiful mother - Dixie - a well known bridal seamstress. 

Here she learned about the intricacies of stunning hand tailored garments using precise patterns, elegant fabrics and detailed sewing techniques out of which emerge stunning fashion perfection and awe.  Most importantly, it was here Allison fell in love with how wearing something special can make you and everyone around you feel empowered. She learned how fashion can inspire confidence and make people smile.  

It was then Dixie - with the fabric selections of her young budding fashionista daughter - started designing Allison's athletic training apparel.   Time as a little girl in the bridal salon was sewn into performing as a dancer, cheerleader, gymnast, soccer player, roller/inline skater and eventually on the world stage as an Olympic short track speed skater and bronze medalist.  Allison was always inspired by her wonderful mother to find fashion uniquely her own.  In the world of sports,  it was always difficult for her to find fashion that was functional AND stylish or feminine! 

In 2007 Allison earned her MBA in Marketing and 2009 and was one of the first female athletes to sign a contract with Wilhelmina Models NYC Sports Division.  Thrilled, she vowed to express to the world that athletics, style and femininity can coexists.  In 2010 she was one of the first female athletes to become the face of Cover Girl, Secret, Pantene, Olay, Fusion and spokes person for many other brands.   Our designer has received  athletic, academic and philanthropic awards for her passion and hard work. 

Since those early days , she has now evolved into an entrepreneur and active-wear designer, and sport fashion has become a full blown obsession for Allison.  And it's reflected in the luxury designs she creates.  So revel in the beauty and Allison Baver style of your choice.  And don't even try to suppress that smile on your face.  You Go.  You Sweat.  And you look absolutely stunning doing it! deserve to shine.  

"My fondest hope is for you to confidently be your best-self , one workout at a time." -Allison Baver




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